ZERO 88 Leapfrog 48

The Leap Frog can control up to 48/96 Generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to 512 DMX channels. Memories can be recorded as scenes or chases, each with their own fade times and modifiers. Memories may be played back with the cross fade master and the Go button or via the sub masters.
Colour, beam, position and group palettes can be created. These can be used to build memories. Changes to the palette information will automatically update associated memories. Palettes can also be used to give flexibility in live playback.
The Leap Frog may be connected to an SVGA monitor. Screen displays include memories, channels and DMX outputs, palettes, preview and patch.

Quantity: 1 pcs


  • 24/48 and 48/96 dimmer control channels
  • 200 submaster faders
  • Softpatch to 512 DMX channels
  • 1600 available palettes (400 each of Colour /Beam/ Position / Effects)
  • 2 universe optically isolated DMX outputs, with a further two available over Artnet