VHD2000 – System Control and Amplification

  • Control and amplification unit for the VHD2.0
  • Three-way, rack-mounted unit containing high frequency, mid frequency and mid-bass amplifiers, houses all processing and control electronics for the subwoofer system
  • Our own hybrid signal processing brings together the very best technology available from both the analogue and digital worlds to offer complete audio system control, equalization, overdrive protection, thermal protection and user adjustable set up parameters
  • The VHD2000 is ‘Line Driver Ready’ and has its own input impedance selector on the front panel to accurately match up the input impedance to the output of any mixer used
  • Full Range setting for running a VHD2.0 down to 60Hz, useful for many speech and playback applications where subwoofers are not needed, and an electronic ‘Tilt’ function which will electronically tilt the VHD2.0 Mid high cabinet down by 10°


Quantity: 2 pcs

  • Three way modular, 2900W Control and Amplification System for use specifically with VHD series modules
  • High Frequency, 300W, Class AB, push-pull low intermodulation amplifier with transformer balanced outputs
  • Mid Frequency, 1000W, high efficiency, wide power bandwidth amplifier
  • Mid Bass, 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifier
  • Setup provides two channel selection and control of different VHD subwoofer combinations, or full range mode, with level control +/- 6dB and two rear mounted line level subwoofer outputs to feed a VHD 3200 subwoofer amplifier
  • Individual signal inserts for Mid/High, Subwoofer A, and Subwoofer B providing flexibility for insertion of signal processing or feeding from auxiliary sources as required