RCF 4PRO 6001-A

The 4PRO 6001-A is a high output, medium-throw, 3 way speaker designed for high demanding professional live sound systems.

It integrates a massive power 950 W amplifier, a complete electronic procession section and full neodymium RCF low distortion, high power transducers. RCF unique 8” sealed basket midrange has been specifi cally optimised in conjunction with the 4PRO 6001-A midrange horn. The incredible output and the extreme linearity and accuracy in reproduction make it perfect for main PA, side fi lls, night clubs and corporate events making it a clear reference in its class.


Quantity: 4 pcs

  • 1900 Watt Peak, 950 Watt RMS tri-amplification
  • 134 dB max spl
  • 80 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn
  • 2x12" woofer, high power neodymium 3" v.c.
  • 8" midrange, high power neodymium 3" v.c.
  • 1" HF driver, titanium dome, neodymium 1.75" v.c.