KV2 ES1.8

  • High-output, reflex horn loaded, single eighteen-inch subwoofer 
  • Designed as a part of the ES Series sound reinforcement system
  • Provides tight, up front, low frequency extension with authority, attack and definition
  • Designed to be used in pairs, or with an ES1.5, the ES1.8 can achieve high output levels consistently and safely
  • Alongside the ES1.0 and EPAK2500/R, ES1.8 offers a very firm foundation on which to build a powerful ES system


Quantity: 8 pcs

  • Professional Baltic birch construction with wear-resistant polymer coating.
  • 131dB sustained output (per unit) 134dB peak - 136 dB/ 139dB (when using 2 units).
  • Horn reflex loaded, 18” low frequency driver with 4” (100mm) inside/outside, epoxy baked, high temperature voice coil assembly and carbon fibre reinforced cone assembly.
  • Max SPL Long-term - 131dB (136dB - 2x ES 1.8)
  • Max SPL Peak - 134dB (139dB - 2x ES 1.8)
  • Subwoofer Amplifier Requirement 800W / ES 1.8 from EPAK 2500/R