EAW UX8800

The UX8800 provides a complete suite of state-of-the art, digital signal processing tools. Additional capabilities and features set the UX8800 apart as the head end processor for large systems with a variety of output channels and for processing specific, EAW loudspeakers.

In System Processor mode, user-adjustable functions include the expected range of processing tools, such as EQ filters, delay, gain, crossovers, and polarity. However, these functions are implemented using custom-designed algorithms to optimize their usefulness when applied to loudspeakers. For example, unlike many bell filter designs, the UX8800’s produce a flat frequency response when reciprocal cut and boost filters are overlaid. Also, to more accurately calculate signal delay distances, a temperature setting compensates for sound speed differences.


Quantity: 4 pcs

  • Two operational modes:
  • System Processor – All signal processing is user-adjustable.
  • Loudspeaker Processor – Preset signal processing for EAW loudspeakers with Gunness Focusing™ to optimize performance.
  • Comprehensive, intuitive front panel control makes computer control unnecessary for most adjustments.
  • Digital inputs to reduce A/D & D/A stages.