ACTOR DX is an end-to-end active PA system featuring the finest high-tech appointments. Its innovative DDO™ technology puts an unprecedented dimension in performance at your fingertips.Experience has taught us that a digital controller can only prompt the system to deliver premium performance if that system is endowed with highquality components.


ACTOR DX pairs top-drawer components such as the 1.4″ driver and the potent digital power amps with the novel DDO™ Controller. Boasting 56-bit computing power, the latter is able to compensate speakers’ dynamic distortion, providing a richly detailed signal free of discoloration. With its extremely efficient components and revolutionary DDO™ controlling capability, ACTOR DX delivers awesome punch and natural sound replete with crystal-clear transparency at high levels and plenty of warmth and fullness at even the lowest volumes.


Quantity: 1 set

  • 56-Bit Processing Power and Top-Flight Components
  • Innovative DDO™ Controller
  • Total power: 3200 W RMS of total system power
  • Sub amplifier: 1000 Watts PWM power amp
  • Mid/high unit amplifier: 600 Watts PWM power amp
  • Speaker sub: 15"
  • Speaker mid/high - unit: 12" /1"